Lesson #6: Using Irresistible Offers And Freebies for Facebook fans

Using Irresistible Offers And Freebies for Facebook fans

In our previous issue, we looked into the ways on how you can get people to LIKE your Facebook business page. In this issue we are going to touch upon making use of special deals, promos and special gifts to pull in more fans.

Utilizing a social media management site purely for promotions, contests and giveaways is a wonderful way to assess whether these said promotional tactics is working for your company. The site allows anyone to find out the number of traffic that comes to their page.

This can be a double win situation too because making the promotion exclusive will garner a new set of Facebook fans which is vital to the progress and maintenance of the company’s social network page. Contest indulge more people to your page.

Now that you know this, let’s proceed to how you can implement Facebook marketing and start making traffic-pulling contests and promos.

The first thing you’d want to do is to make certain the updates and contest mechanics are only accessible to your Facebook users. Be certain that you don’t promote it in your newsletters, social networks or even in the official website. You can however say that the contest is exclusive for Facebook users only. Additionally, the mechanics have to be clear and simple. Over complicating matters would make contestants think you’ve set the bar too high and can discourage them from joining.

Take note that offering contests, incentives and promos can be a bit costly as these requires some Facebook applications and other programs for them to run smoothly. Wildfire, for example has a $5 setup fee and will charge $0.99 for every day that the campaign runs. Furthermore, Facebook is quite strict as to which contests are allowed to run in their network. In general terms, nearly all contests are not even made possible. You are not allowed to have an official contest posted in your wall.

However certain exceptions are at hand. Any business that wants to run contests in Facebook must first purchase at least $10,000 worth of Facebook ads within just three months.

For businesses that are able to use prize draws, there are several of business app that help create these. Wildfire provides all the necessary tools to create photos, videos, and graphic entries to develop a contest campaign. Not only that, these tools also enable you to customize. You can alter campaign mechanics, deadlines of contests, the number of votes allowed per person and the level of contribution of your network. To make navigation very easy, consider placing a contest widget in your Fan Page so the competitors will be able to link directly to a mini site. There are also other contest builder tools like Vertigo and Strutta.

To really entice a lot of participants, make sure you offer incentives which people can’t refuse. As an example, Regus, a workplace supplier ran a contest campaign and offered a fully furnished office for the photo entry that showed the messiest work area. But you shouldn’t stop there. More exclusive prizes include dinner with celebrities or a chance to attend a star-studded party.

A contest that’s maintained successfully will absolutely generate lots of prospects to the organization. For some businesses, campaigns like these may need a ton of effort. However, this can be one of the most effective techniques to raise business awareness on Facebook.

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