Lesson #9:Effective Ways To Interact With Facebook Friends


In our past issue, you found out the way to use Groups on Facebook for your business. In today’s issue, we will discuss about the proper ways you should socialize with your Fans and Friends from Facebook.

Although people are more likely aware of what correct etiquette in social media management, the creation and development of Facebook has taken web interaction to a whole new level.

When it comes to Facebook marketing, there are numbers of things you have to consider when responding to people.You should evaluate the applications that you use. However you use Facebook, whether for personal or business purposes, consider your actions online, while not all, can have a big consequence within your business. It may be too shallow but for some people, a Facebook account even becomes a basis of making or breaking relationships. You’ll also find some that rant about their bosses, spouses or in-laws online.

Here are just a handful of things you should consider when you’re dealing with your Fans and Friends on Facebook.

– Keep what needs to be Private, Private!

Redundant as it may sound, this is the principal rule many people forget. You can post ‘What’s on your mind’ on Facebook wall and virtually everything you want to say. Even so, remember that posting these things may turn out to be a big blunder on your part. Would you really want your customers or clients find out that you puke at last night’s wild party? Or is that catty statement that was supposed to be an inside joke between friends worth the misinterpretation by others? Realize that whatever that’s learned about you online can have a long-term impact. Your personal or professional contacts may see these someday if not today. If your life is like an open book, think about the consequence of you having to explain to them each and every action you made in the past.

-When Using Facebook for Business, Stop Publishing those Game Updates

Unless you’re in middle school, getting those messy game updates will tend to annoy prospective customers. If you still enjoy these games however, it would be best if you not have the updates posted on your wall. Posting the game updates may not be a big deal for you and your ‘Farmville’ neighbors. But for your potential customers, these may label you as unprofessional or even irresponsible. You don’t want this for your reputation, do you?

– Stop Text Posting or Posting when it’s not necessary

Hd a frikng gud tym at d prty lst nyt? just doesn’t sound well online. You’re not posting updates on Twitter which is limited to only 150 words so why go cheap with your words? The same thing goes for posting nonsense words or mediocre things. If what’s on your mind isn’t really helpful to your potential customers, resist the urge to post it. Although all Facebook users have the liberty to say all sorts of things they like, this thing can also be very irritating to many people over the long run. Of course, you wouldn’t want to annoy your customers and clients.

– Choose Contacts Wisely

Be aware that different updates will show up on their news feed. Even their contacts will have the chance to see it. So it would be best if you only pick contacts that are targeted. Direct contacts are ideal. You only have a 5,000 limit for contacts after all. If you’re keeping a Facebook page for professional reasons, then do not accept friend requests right away. Doing a little bit of research may do your business page good. It is unethical to befriend everyone and then de-friend them later on.

Be sure to read our next issue of Facebook for Business. We are going to talk about using Facebook to provide value to your prospects and customers.