Lesson #12: Improve Search Engine Ranking with Facebook


In our last issue of Facebook for Business, we talked about making use of ads on Facebook to increase your sales. In this issue we are going to talk about social media management for much better search engine rankings and traffic.

There have been reports popping out that Facebook draws in more traffic than Google Ads and other traffic-driving tools. Whether this is true or not, it’s not unusual to know that many other marketers are jumping in the bandwagon to try out Facebook Marketing for themselves also because this way is a lot cheaper and less difficult to set up.

Here are some further tips on how to pull traffic from search engines straight to your Facebook Page:

Set up Plenty Of High-quality Backlinks

There are several ways you can lead the consumer back to your Facebook Page. This is one of the positive aspects of a social networking site. The more “LIKES” that you have which totals to acquiring more Fans, the more links lead back to your Page. This is the onsite way.

In off-site optimization, you do this by creating links outside your business page. These can be within article websites, other social networking sites, blogs and forums, and e-mail amongst many others. Using of articles to develop backlinks is quiet effective and cost-effective as well. Additionally, they can present helpful information for your present and potential clients as well.

Use A Professional Business Name

It’s good to get a bit creative and fun with your updates. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to your business name on Facebook. The key here is to make sure your business is searchable at Facebook. This maximizes your target keywords much better. The name should not serve as sales pitch so don’t try to stuff them too much with descriptions unless you need to differentiate your name with a similar business name. For instance, if your business name is Jonathan’s Fruits Shakes, and there’s another business name that sounds similar, how about changing yours into “Jonathan’s Healthy Fruit Shakes”

You should also do the same for URL’s. This new feature gives you the option to change your URL so it’s more searchable to other Facebook users. Again, don’t try to be too crazy or creative. Consider going for facebook.com/jeremiahfruitshakes. This is pretty direct.

Complete your Profile

Your squeeze page is probably one of the most essential parts of your Fan Page. Your potential customers will decide to read your profile and become your fan depending on how useful and interesting your page is. That is why it’s important that you provide all the essential information in your profile. Present helpful content in your About Page.

Your landing page is also one of the pages where you can place keyword-rich text. Try to place in words that are most searchable in your industry, so Google and other search engines can easily pick them up. Try also to get good customer feedbacks or testimonials. This will add credibility to your page and to your brand in general.

With all the benefits of using Facebook as a business tool, still it’s not recommended that you use a Facebook Fan page as a substitute for an official website. At most, it can be used to supplement information or to better socialize with customers that an official website cannot do.

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